What information do we collect and why? When you buy and sell at Stockholms Auktionsverk, we ask you for a range of personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address and credit/debit card details.

We register and use the information to enable you to buy and sell items, to get in touch with you, and to send you our newsletter if you have consented to this. We register the sales and purchases you have made, which gives you an overview of your earlier sales and purchases when you log in to your customer account. In addition we use the information to compile statistics and to improve the user experience on the websites.

We also collect information about your visit to our website by means of cookies as described below.

Marketing consent

You agree to receive our newsletter, news of offers, information about purchase and sale as well as offer of goods and services. This can be electronically (e.g. by e-mail, text message, app push notification), or by telephone or mail, and can come from e.g. Stockholms Auktionsverk, Lauritz.com or business partners. This means that internally we can share your information (name, e-mail, address, telephone number, gender, age, areas of interest and your purchases/sales, etc).

Consent applies to:
Carpets, rugs and textiles: Blankets and throws, cushions, deep pile carpets and rugs, home textiles, modern carpets and rugs, skin and leather, wall hangings, kilim, oriental carpets and rugs, older and antique carpets and rugs, Clothing: Shoes and accessories, bags, accessories, bulk clothing, children’s wear,   ladies’ fashion, men’s clothing, shoes, boots, furs, leather jackets, Electronics: Cameras, photo equipment,    computers and laptops, printers, accessories, hi-fi, stereo systems, other electronics, phones, mobiles,  speakers, surround sound, TVs, flat screen TVs, projectors, Furniture: Beds, mattresses, cabinets, chests of drawers, chairs, children’s furniture, coffee tables, occasional tables, dining room furniture, dining tables,  lounge chairs, lounge suites, mirrors, office furniture, other furniture, shelving, sofas, Glass, porcelain and ceramics: Dinnerware, tea sets, coffee sets, figures, glasses, other glass, porcelain and ceramics, vases, bowls, dishes, Hobby and collectibles: Amber, antiquities, Asian art, books, magazines, coins, notes and bars, collectibles, ethnographica, music, musical instruments, nautical collectibles, stamps, toys, Home and garden: Awnings, solar panels, baby equipment, children's equipment, bathroom, bulk home and garden items, cutlery, fireplaces, wood burning stoves, garden accessories, garden furniture, garden sculptures, garden tools, garden machines, home appliances, kitchen, kitchen machines, pillows, duvets, bedding, play, interior design, building materials, tools, Hunting, fishing, arms and militaria: Edged weapons, firearms, fishing, hunting gear, hunting trophies, militaria and collectible arms, Jewellery: Brooches, diamonds, gems, jewellery sets, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, other jewellery, Lamps and lighting: Floor lamps, outdoor lighting, pendant lights, table lamps, wall lighting, Paintings and sculptures: Prints, photography, drawings, sculptures, modern pictorial arts, modern decorative painting, older pictorial arts , contemporary pictorial art in older style, mass-produced paintings, Silver, bronze, copper and pewter:    Bronze, copper, brass, pewter, hollowware, silver candlesticks, silver flatware, other silver, Sport and leisure: Bikes, camping and outdoors, cars, boats, equestrian, scooters, motorcycles, sports equipment, games tables, wellness, Travel: Castle hotels, cruises, experiences, events, holiday apartments, holiday lettings, hotels, inn holidays, package holidays and tours, Watches and clocks: Grandfather clocks, ladies watches, men’s watches, pocket watches, table clocks, mantel clocks, unisex watches, wall clocks, Wine and spirits.  

Companies: Stockholms Auktionsverk Org.nr. 556030-3017, Lauritz.com A/S CVR 24994570, LC Herlev  CVR 10096189, LC Helsingør CVR 30087771, LC Hørsholm CVR 34891346, LC Næstved CVR 35139540, LC Roskilde CVR 32159958, LC Guns & Gents Skindergade Kbh. CVR 27703453, LC Esbjerg CVR 30283260, LC Herning CVR 33759460, LC Kolding CVR 10161053, LC Odense CVR 26397944, LC Vejle CVR 32170730, LC Aalborg CVR 37312398, LC Aarhus CVR 37140953, LC Malmö Org. nr. 556965-0640, Helsingborgs Auktionsverk/LC Helsingborg Org. nr. 556611-5266, LC Stockholm Org. nr. 556459-3720, LC Norrköping Org. nr. 556741-0534, LC Örebro Org. nr. 556950-0886, LC Hamburg Ust-IdNr. DE814130362, LC Düsseldorf Ust-IdNr. DE266524344, Auktionshaus HERR I Lauritz.com Ust-IdNr. DE814130362, LC Antwerp BTW nr. BE 08 348454 45, Lauritz.com Hunting and Militaria Org.nr. 913319958. QXL DK CVR 24983579, QXL NO CVR Org.nr. 981313097.You can at any time change your consent status by sending an email to info@auktionsverket.se. If you have any questions call us on +46 8 453 67 00.

Sharing personal information We only share your personal information with companies such as business partners, transport companies, IT contractors and our payment partners, to the extent necessary to execute your purchases and sales and to ensure our websites run optimally.

Security All personal information that you provide us with is stored in a secure database at Stockholms Auktionsverk and is kept strictly confidential. When you make purchases on our websites we encrypt all information in connection with the payment transaction.

Accessing, managing and closing your customer account You can access your personal information we have registered at any time under 'My pages' - 'Contact details'. Here you can also make any necessary changes to your information. For security reasons you cannot change the first name or last name attached to your customer number. If you wish to make any changes to your name, please contact us directly by e-mail at info@auktionsverket.se. Moreover, if you no longer wish to be a customer at Stockholms Auktionsverk you can inform us of this at any time, either by email or telephone.

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If you would like more information or have any other questions, you are very welcome to contact us at info@auktionsverket.se or on tel. +46 8 453 67 00.