Tinguely - Hultén: Prototype bindings for Méta


TINGUELY - 3 PROTOTYPES. HULTÉN, PONTUS & TINGUELY, JEAN. 3 prototypes bindings for Tinguely's "Méta". 3 trial/prototype bindings for Pontus Hultén's book about Jean Tinguely "Méta" + 1 copy of the issued final version, in the original briefcase-binding with 1 signed Méta-matique drawing by Tinguely and 1 gramophone record. In the original cardboard box. The book published by Moderna Museet in 1972.
All in small folio (305x215 mm.) 1 prototype in white cloth with large rubber clasps, text block of all white pages except endpapers which are the same as in the finished book, "Man Ray" (not his signature) written in pencil on back cover underlined in black pen, a few stains and a bit rubbed. + 1 prototype in black cloth with lock and black handle, text block with the same few pages of photo illustrations repeated, and black endpapers, cover a bit rubbed. + 1 prototype in white cloth with 4 locks and brown handle, text block with the same few pages from an edition of a Swedish bible ("Illustrerad Familjebibel") repeated, and white endpapers, binding a bit rubbed and with large stains. + 1 copy of the issued version, the Swedish edition printed in 1972, with 1 signed Méta-matique drawing ("no 8") and 1 grammophone record, binding a bit rubbed with small stains. 4 volumes in all.

These 3 prototypes were originally purchased directly from Pontus Hultén by the current owner and appear to be experimentations for the binding of the book "Méta". All 3 of them differ from the issued version, but the last one mentioned above comes the closest, having the same briefcase handle as the finished product, but with 4 locks instead of 1. It is unclear why one of the prototypes is marked "Man Ray" in pencil on the cover.

Pontus Hultén (1924-2006) was head of Moderna Museet in Stockholm 1960-1973, the first director of Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris between 1974-1981 and is regarded as one of the most influential individuals of the museum profession during the 20th century.

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Böcker/Kartor, Konst- och kulturhistoria, Konst
Magasin 5, Frihamnen, Stockholm
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Tinguely - Hultén: Prototype bindings for Méta
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