Gunnar Nylund


GUNNAR NYLUND, figurin, glaserat stengods, fisk, höjd ca 8 cm

Ingår i det övergripande temat Pretty, Ugly, Lovely - Figurinens Återkomst

From the Collection of Dennis Dahlqvist (1961-). The collection has been laboriously assembled by the avid collector over the past 10 years. Acquiring from private Swedish collections, auctions andsearching auction sites on the internet. The collection shows not only Dahlqvist´s great interest in glazes, porcelain painting and potting techniques, but also reveals a form of research, as an extensive study of the subject itself. Dahlqvist has meticolusly gathered and divided his collection, containing over 400 objects, in to seven different themes. Seven different personal interpretations ranging from the Meissen Alchemist, to The Other, to viewing figurines as contemporary reflection of identification, POP-culture, Kitsch and Feminism. It is a broad and comprehensive study collection. Dennis Dahlqvist is a renowned Swedish art critic and lecturer in art, design and the history of fashion design. Internationally known as a founder of the gallery Yngligagatan 1, which closed in 2000, but later exhibited at the Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm. / Fredrik Anthony

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Auktion online 29 augusti 2018. Visning online 23-29 augusti. Visning Nybrogatan 32, Stockholm den 23-25 augusti. Öppet mån-fre kl 10-18, lör kl 11-17. Visas på begäran Magasin 5, Frihamnen 27-29 augusti. Hämtas i Magasin 5, Frihamnen
Keramik/Porslin, Vaser, skålar, fat, Konst, Skulpturer, Samlingar
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Magasin 5, Frihamnen, Stockholm
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Gunnar Nylund
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