Important physiocratic work London 1767


ECONOMICS (2). (LE MERCIER DE LA RIVIERE, P. P. F. J. H.). L'ordre naturel et essentiel des sociétés politiques. I-II. Londres (chez Jean Nourse, & se trouve ā Paris chez Desaint) 1767.

12:o. (4), vii-xvi, (1)-353, (1 blank); (4), (1)-547, (1) pp.
Later (mid 19th century) half cloth, faded gilt spines, speckled edges. 2 volumes.

Pierre Paul Mercier de la Rivičre, (ca. 1720 - ca. 1793), French political economist and .
administrator who shared the physiocratic views of Quesnay. His treatise, L'ordre naturel et essentiel des sociétés politiques, considered by many to be the most comprehensive account of Physiocratic theories, received widespread attention upon its publication in 1767. Prepared under the supervision of Quesnay, this treatise discusses both the economic and political aspects of the physiocratic doctrine. It argues the importance of a unique and universal law of property that is based on the physical order of nature and which underlies all other laws. According to the author, it is this natural law that governs social order. Mercier de la Rivičre examines how social order is achieved in practice through the establishment of three fundamental institutions: the law and magistrature, the sovereign and the institutions of public instruction. To illustrate the practical promotion of social order, Mercier de la Rivičre outlines the political economy of wealth creation in society. Asserting beforehand that the sovereign is by definition co-owner of the fixed wealth of society, he elaborates a philosophy of legal enlightened despotism. It must be noted that his views on enlightened despotism were not entirely accepted by some members of the physiocratic school. (The Enlightenment revolution).
Published the same year as the first edition in 4:o, first edition in 12:o.

Provenance: The von Celsing family, Biby.

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Important physiocratic work London 1767
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