Collection of 18th century pamphlets


(GYLLENBORG, C.). Letters which passed between Count Gyllenborg, the Barons Gortz, Sparre, and others; Relating to the Design of raising a Rebellion in His Majesty's Dominions, to be supported by a Force from Sweden. Translated into English. London (S. Buckley) 1717.
8:o. (4), 5-51, (1 blank) p. +

(MOLESWORTH, L.). A Short Narrative of the Life and Death of John Rhinholdt Count Patkul... 1707. Together with the Manner of his Execution... London (T. Goodwin) 1717.
8:o. (4), 1-59, (1) p. +
Memoirs of some Transactions during the late Ministry of Robert E. of Oxford. London (T. Warner) 1717.
8:o. (2), 1-99, (1) p. +
HARDWICK, WILLIAM. The History of the Third Session of the present Parliament. Woth what pass'd most Remarkable at the Tryal of the Earl of Oxford. London (J. Moore) 1717.
8:o. (2), 1-109 p.Title close cut in upper margin with some minor loss of text and mended marginal tear. +
(ROBINSON, J.). An Account od Sweden: Together with an Extract of the History of that Kingdom... The Third Edition. London (Tim. Goodwin) 1717.
8:o. ((6), 1-85, (3) pp. +
The Life and Character of Charles Duke of Shrewsbury. In a Letter to a Noble Lord... London (J. Roberts) 1718.
8:o. 2), 1-36 pp.
Contemporary brown full mottled calf, worn. cracks in the joints, faded gilt spine in six compartments, lacks spine label, redspeckled edges. Some minor foxing. First endpaper loose and with a nadwritten list of the works in the book.

Worn binding, some foxing, one title cut in upper margin with some loss of text and amended marginal tear.
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Collection of 18th century pamphlets
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